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Foodlink Foundation

Foodlink Foundation


Perhaps our lives have always been very fortunate, and we have never had to experience the hardship of hunger and poverty. However, among the 7.5 million people in Hong Kong, over 1.6 million live below the poverty line.


To ensure that they have access to healthy and nutritious hot meals every day, the Foodlink Foundation acts as a bridge, connecting directly from the supply to the demand. They visit various food suppliers and restaurants to collect safe-to-eat surplus food and deliver to those in need. While reducing hunger they also reduce the pressure on our city’s landfills.


Mind Matters Academy not only raises funds for the Foodlink Foundation through our free lunchtime meditation practices, but we also donate 20 to 100 meals to the Foundation for every enrolment onto our programmes or usage of our services, so as to ensure that those in need have access to food.


Let us work together in the spirit of “self-help and help others”, Replace Hunger with a Smile”!

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