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 Tai Chi & Qi Gong Training

Why do we offer Tai Chi training? 

“Without mental health there can be no true physical health.” The reverse could be equally true. Therefore, apart from focusing on mental health training, Mind Matters Academy also places great emphasis on physical training.

A very brief introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art with a history of over three hundred years. It emphasises the integration of body and mind. Through practicing Tai Chi, one can adjust her breathing and achieve a state of natural and smooth movement, with the intention of becoming one with nature. Tai Chi is not only a physical exercise, but also a spiritual practice aimed at achieving inner peace. By practicing Tai Chi, one can also improve the flow of “Qi” in the body, promote blood circulation, and achieve better physical health.


The fundamental principle of Tai Chi is to increase the flow of energy (also known as "Qi") in the body through breathing techniques and movements, and to release toxins and negative energy. Regular practice can lead to improved immune system function, balance, flexibility, and stress resistance.

Our Instructor

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Joseph, our Tai Chi master at Mind Matters Academy, is a 13th generation disciple of the Chen-style Tai Chi under the tutelage of Master Li Yafang. He is also a 3rd generation disciple of the Chen-style Xin Yi Hun Yuan Tai Chi, developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. Joseph currently serves as a board member of the Hong Kong Chen-style Tai Chi Research Association and is a certified coach of the Hong Kong Tai Chi Association. 


As a lover of traditional Chinese culture, Joseph has studied multiple traditional Chinese arts, including Tai Chi, Qigong, calligraphy, and seal carving. He has also conducted in-depth research on Yi Jing and Zi Wei Dou Shu (ancient Chinese astrology), and has developed unique insights into these subjects.


After years of studying various martial arts and wellness practices, Joseph has developed a comprehensive teaching approach to strengthen the physical and mental well-being of his students. His curriculum is designed to assist students in achieving balance in body, mind, and spirit in their daily lives. As students improve their physical and mental states, they also gradually gain an understanding of the life philosophy underlying Tai Chi, and embody their spirits in daily lives, including the principles of non-resistance and selflessness. 


We offer the following types of Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes:

1. 陳式太極拳  (Chen-style Tai Chi)

2. 陳式心意混元太極拳 (Chen-style Xin Yi Hun Yuan Tai Chi:)

3. 楊式太極拳 (Yang-style Tai Chi) 

4. 健身氣功八段錦 (Ba Duan Jin)

Below is an extract of the teaching contents of our Tai Chi and Qi Gong Classes

Chen-style Tai Chi

Taichi Basics: 

鬆身功 (Sōng shēn gōng) - Relaxation Exercise

樁功 (Zhuāng gōng) - Standing Meditation

腰胯功 (Yāo kuà gōng) - Waist and Hip Exercise

肩臂功 (Jiān bì gōng) - Shoulder and Arm Exercise

丹田功法 (Dān tián gōng fǎ) - Dantian Exercise

纏絲功 (Chán sī gōng) - Silk Reeling Exercise

13 Essential Tai Chi Movements

掤 (Peng) - Ward Off, 捋 (Lu) - Rollback, 擠 (Ji) - Press, 按 (An) - Push, 采 (Cai) - Pluck, 列 (Lie) - Split, 肘 (Zhou) - Elbow Strike, 靠 (Kao) - Shoulder Strike, 進 (Jin) - Advance, 退 (Tui) - Retreat, 顧 (Gu) - Look Left ,盼 (Pan) - Look Right, 定 (Ding) - Center

陳式太極十八式 (Chen-style Tai Chi 18 Form)

陳式太極拳老架一路 (Chen-style Tai Chi Old Frame First Routine)

陳式太極單劍 (Chen-style Tai Chi Single Sword)

傳統陳式太極拳老架一路(75式)(Traditional Chen-style Tai Chi Old Frame First Routine - 75 Movements)

傳統陳式太極拳老架二路(43式)(Traditional Chen-style Tai Chi Old Frame Second Routine - 43 Movements)

傳統陳式太極拳新架一路(83式)(Traditional Chen-style Tai Chi New Frame First Routine - 83 Movements)

陳式太極單刀(13式)(Chen-style Tai Chi Single Saber - 13 Movements)

春秋大刀 (Chunqiu Broad Sword) and others...

Yang-style Tai Chi

楊式太極基礎入門十三勢 (Yang-style Tai Chi Basic 13 Movements)

國家標準太極競賽套路二十四式 (National Standard Tai Chi Competition Routine 24 Form)

傳統楊式太極拳八十五式 (Traditional Yang-style Tai Chi 85 Form)

楊式太極拳老架一百零八式 (Yang-style Tai Chi Old Frame 108 Form), and others...

Chen-style Xin Yi Hun Yuan Tai Chi:

無極椿 (Wuji Chuan) - Infinite Chuan

混元椿 (Hun Yuan Chuan) - Mixed Element Chuan

混元纏絲功 (Hun Yuan Chan Si Gong) - Mixed Element Silk Reeling Exercise

混元洗臟功 (Hun Yuan Xi Zang Gong) - Mixed Element Internal Organ Cleansing Exercise

混元合力功 (Hun Yuan He Li Gong) - Mixed Element Power Exercise

混元太極24式 (Hun Yuan Tai Chi 24 Form)

混元太極48式 (Hun Yuan Tai Chi 48 Form)

混元太極炮錘24式 (Hun Yuan Tai Chi Cannon Hammer 24 Form)

混元太極刀36式 (Hun Yuan Tai Chi Saber 36 Form)

混元太極劍48式 (Hun Yuan Tai Chi Sword 48 Form), and others...

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) Qigong

雙手托天理三焦 (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian Li San Jiao) - Hold Up the Heavens to Regulate the Three Burners

左右開弓似射雕 (Zuo You Kai Gong Si She Diao) - Draw the Bow to Shoot the Hawk

調理脾胃需單舉 (Tiao Li Pi Wei Xu Dan Ju) - Raise One Arm to Regulate the Spleen and Stomach

五勞七傷往後瞧 (Wu Lao Qi Shang Wang Hou Qiao) - Look Backwards to Prevent Diseases

兩手攀足固腎腰 (Liang Shou Pan Zu Gu Shen Yao) - Hold Up the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist

攢拳怒目增氣力 (Zan Quan Nu Mu Zeng Qi Li) - Clench the Fists and Glare Fiercely to Increase Strength

背後七顛百病消 (Bei Hou Qi Dian Bai Bing Xiao) - Strike the Back to Eliminate the Seven Emotions and Hundred Diseases

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