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A New Study Shows: Mindfulness Can Boost Your Concentration

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Mindfulness meditation has long been known for its positive impact on mental health. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement has shed light on an additional benefit: mindfulness boosts concentration by reducing interference from emotional distractions. If you're looking to improve your focus and productivity, mindfulness might be the answer you've been seeking.

The Impact of Mindfulness on Concentration

The study focused on perceptual load, which refers to the attention required for a task. Researchers aimed to understand how mindfulness meditation influences goal-oriented behaviors. To do this, they compared individuals with mindfulness experience to those without. Participants engaged in a letter search task while being exposed to emotional distractions of varying intensities, both positive and negative.

The Findings

Interestingly, participants without mindfulness experience were significantly affected by both positive and negative distractions, which impaired their task performance. On the other hand, those with mindfulness experience displayed improved ability to seek satisfaction from external distractions. These findings suggest that training our minds to be present and attentive through mindfulness meditation can have far-reaching benefits, including enhancing our ability to concentrate.

Getting Started with Mindfulness

If you're eager to give mindfulness a try, here are some basic techniques you can incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Sensory Awareness: Throughout the day, make an effort to notice the sensations around you. Pay attention to the temperature on your skin, the flavors of the food you eat, or the texture of the ground beneath your feet. This practice helps cultivate present-moment awareness.

2. Thoughts and Feelings: Develop the habit of observing your thoughts and naming your emotions as they arise. By acknowledging and labeling them ("this is anxiety," "this is relief"), you can cultivate a greater understanding of your internal experiences.

To delve deeper into mindfulness and experience the benefits firsthand, we invite you to join our free lunchtime meditation session. Led by experienced mindfulness practitioners, these sessions provide a guided meditation experience that will help you slow down, enhance your focus, and return to the present moment. It's an opportunity to nourish your mind and improve your overall wellbeing.

If you would like to take one step further, join us in our 8 weeks Mindfulness Based Cognitive Hypnotherapy (MBCH) class. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to cultivate a mindful lifestyle, as well as reaping the benefits it has to offer when combined with hypnotherapy.

To transform your concentration levels and enhance your overall productivity, mindfulness practice is no doubt a good starting out. The groundbreaking study highlighted mindfulness’ ability to reduce interference from emotional distractions, making it a valuable tool for anyone seeking to improve their focus.

To start incorporating mindfulness practice into your daily routine, you can start by joining our free lunchtime meditation session, or going one step beyond in participating in our 8 weeks Mindfulness Based Cognitive Hypnotherapy (MBCH) class. You can unlock the full potential of your mind and experience the benefits firsthand. Embrace mindfulness today and embark on a journey of improved concentration and wellbeing.

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