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Happy International Day of Play, everyone! 🎉

11th June 2024 marks the first International Day of Play, a new annual observance adopted by the United Nations to champion and protect children's fundamental right to play. This is a momentous milestone in recognizing the profound importance of play for childhood development and well-being.

Play is a critical activity that helps children practice roles, build skills like concentration and language, and spark creativity and a love of learning. Yet, globally, over 70% of adults are unaware of children's right to play under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This new International Day of Play aims to raise awareness and drive action to ensure all children, regardless of gender, ability, or circumstance, have ample time and opportunity to play.

You might think play is just for the kids, but hold on to your inner child - this global celebration is for all of us! Why? Because play isn't just fun and games, it's actually essential for our well-being as adults too. Through playful activities, we can:

• Reduce stress and recharge our mental batteries

• Boost our creativity and problem-solving skills 

• Strengthen social connections and relationships 

• Simply be happier and more satisfied with life

Play helps relieve stress by triggering the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. It can also improve brain function, stimulate the mind, and boost creativity. And don't forget - play is a great way to stay energetic and youthful as we get older.

So on this first International Day of Play, I encourage everyone to carve out some time for play, whether it's with the kids in your life, your loved ones, or simply by yourself. Let's celebrate the universal power of play and recommit to supporting children's right to this vital developmental activity.

What will you do to play today? #InternationalDayofPlay #Play #PlayRight #MentalHealth

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